Baby Milestone Baseball Round - Baby Milestone Closet Divider

Style: Complete Set Painted (15 Rounds either style and closet divider)
Sale price$105.00


Perfect way to capture the moment each month of your baby's first year. We offer this kit in 3 different options. We sell it as a complete set (15 Rounds, and 12 Closet hangers) or the rounds and hangers separate. Our standard pricing does not include them painted. If you would like them painted then please make sure you are ordering the correct one. We can customize colors to a certain extent just please message us before hand to work out the details. Each piece is laser cut and engraved and if you choose the painted option we hand paint each one.

All pieces are made out of high quality 3mm Baltic Birch plywood. Wood is a natural product and as such will vary by each batch we get. Rounds measure 4.5" and the closet dividers are approximately 7" x 3".Items are sealed with a protective clear coat.

Natural rounds will ship out within a couple days. If you order painted rounds shipping time is 1-2 weeks.

We have 26 different designs as well. If you are looking for a different design please message us.

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